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   The Wat Arun Festival


A part of the Wat Arun Preservation Project, the Wat Arun Festival was organised to raise funds to help preserve Wat Arun as an important national historical site. The project is in cooperation with the Fine Arts Department, which extends invaluable support and assistance to this particular undertaking. Project advisers include Master Artist Chakrabhand Posayakrit, Professor Dr. Suraphol Wirunrak and Master Chulathas Phayakranond.

The first Wat Arun Festival was staged in November 2000, with the aim to revive the popularity of the long-lost forms of Thai classical performing arts, such as the Royal Puppet and Khon Chak Rok. The festival also featured a rare display of fine Thai handicrafts and Thai desserts. The second Wat Arun Festival, held the following year, presented, through a variety of performances, the relationship between Thailand and China, as well as the Chinese influences on Thai arts and culture.

The Wat Arun Preservation project is currently directly involved in the creation of the project web site www.watarun.org, apart from doing such activities as helping build toilets in the temple and promoting the "We Love Wat Arun Project".





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