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      The Royal Puppet Preservation Project


Hun Luang (Royal Puppet) or Hun Yai was popularly during the Ayudhya and Early Ratanakosin periods, but suffered a decline in popularity during the reign of King Rama VI. Hun Luang puppets measured 100 cm. tall, and were dressed up as the characters of the Khon and Lakorn plays. They were crafted from light and soft wood, so that the strings could be easily attached and that they could easily be controlled during the puppet presentation.

Through extensive research on historical documents, ancient mural paintings and other artefacts from the National Museum, the Royal Puppet Rattanakosin A.D. 2000 Collection project was created, thanks to the strong determination of Mr. Sermkhun Kunawong to revive this ancient traditional art form. The project has Master Artist Chakrabhand Posayakrit and Khun Vallabhis Sodprasert as advisers. Created by Phattarachai Saengdorkmai and his team, the puppet collection also received invaluable help from Professor Surat Chongda, who supervised the puppet mobility mechanism. The Royal Puppet Rattanakosin A.D. 2000 debut was featured at the Wat Arun Festival A.D. 1782. Continuous research has come up with the completion of a range of puppet models - human male, human female, demon and monkey.



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